The 5th Wave

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1. prologue
Henry Jackman

2. tsunami
Henry Jackman

3. aftermath
Henry Jackman

4. wright patterson
Henry Jackman

5. the others
Henry Jackman

6. one degree of separation
Henry Jackman

7. reznik
Henry Jackman

8. cassie
Henry Jackman

9. in the sights
Henry Jackman

10. a call to arms
Henry Jackman

11. evan
Henry Jackman

12. dayton
Henry Jackman

13. 5th wave
Henry Jackman

14. under fire
Henry Jackman

15. flashback
Henry Jackman

16. extinction
Henry Jackman

17. finding sam
Henry Jackman

18. getaway
Henry Jackman

19. epilogue
Henry Jackman

20. humanity
Henry Jackman

21. vosch
Henry Jackman

22. ringer
Henry Jackman


Original Score Composed by
Henry Jackman

Original Score Produced by
Henry Jackman & Victor Olegovich Chaga

Executive in Charge of Music for Sony Pictures
Lia Vollack

Additional Music by
Alex Belcher & Andrew Kawczynski

Score Recorded and Mixed by
Chris Fogel

Music Contractor
Peter Rotter

Music Editors
Tom Kramer & Richard Ford

Score Technical Engineers
Victor Olegovich Chaga & Maverick Dugger

Music Production Services
Matthew K. Justmann

Score Conducted by
Nick Glennie-Smith

Digital Score Recordist
Kevin Globerman

Orcehstrations by
Stephen Coleman & Andrew Kinney

Music Preparation by
Booker White

Score Mix Assistant
John Chapman

Score Recorded at
The Eastwood Scoring Stage

Score Mixed at
ELBO Studios

Stage Manager
Jaime Olvera

Studio Recording Engineer
Tom Hardisty

Warner Bros. Studio Stage Crew
Ryan Robinson

Bruce Dukov (concertmaster), Julie Gigante (principal 2nd), Eun-Mee Ahn, Erik Arvinder, Charlie Bisharat, Andrew Bulbrook, Sandra Cameron, Darius Campo, Jessica Guideri, Tamara Hatwan, Benjamin Jacobson, Natalie Leggett, Phillip Levy, Lisa Liu, Serena McKinney, Lucia Micarelli, Helen Nightengale, Grace Oh, Alyssa Park, Katia Popov, Rafael Rishik, Neil Samples, Mary K. Sloan, Tereza Stanislav, Josefina Vergara, Irina Voloshina, Roger Wilkie, Yelena Yegoryan

Victoria Miskolczy (1st), Robert Brophy, Meredith Crawford, John Zach Dellinger, Andrew Duckles, Alma Fernandez, Matthew Funes, Shawn Mann, Luke Maurer, Maria Newman, David Walther

Steve Erdody (1st), Jacob Braun, Eric Byers, Erika Duke, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Paula Hochhalter, Timothy Landauer, Timothy Loo, George Kim Scholes, Xiaodan Zheng

Edward Meares (1st), Nico Abondolo, Drew Dembowski, Stephen Dress, Christian Kollgaard, Michael Valerio

French Horns
David Everson (1st), Katelyn Faraudo, Dylan Hart, Daniel Kelley, Jenny Kim, Teag Reaves

Jon Lewis (1st), David Washburn

William Booth (1st), Craig Gosnell, Steven Holtman, Phillip Keen, William Reichenbach, Steven Trapani

Wade Culbreath (1st), Gregory Goodall, Brian Kilgore

Jo Ann Turovsky

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