More Music From The Television Series


1. Raylan’s Theme
Steve Porcaro

2. Ava
Steve Porcaro

3. Stakeout
Steve Porcaro

4. Capture
Steve Porcaro

5. Howlin' Wolf
Gannin Arnold

6. Boyd & Ava
Steve Porcaro

7. South On 65
Hans Olson

8. For Me (For Elmore)
Steve Porcaro

9. Black
Kari Kimmel

10. Previously On Justified
Steve Porcaro

11. Take The Coal Train
Steve Porcaro

12. Quarles And Limehouse
Steve Porcaro

13. Back Porch Blues
Curtis Skelton & Danny Gill

14. Medley
Steve Porcaro

15. No Big Deal
Bar 61

16. Chase
Steve Porcaro

17. Justified Man
Glenn Hughes & Marc Bonilla

18. Givens Theme / You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
Steve Porcaro & Dave Alvin 


Soundtrack Executive Producer
Greg Sill

Mastered by
Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering


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