Miracles From Heaven

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1. Heaven
Carlo Siliotto

2. A Happy Family
Carlo Siliotto

3. First Night
Carlo Siliotto

4. I'm In
Carlo Siliotto

5. First Hospital
Carlo Siliotto

6. Waiting
Carlo Siliotto

7. Loss of Faith
Carlo Siliotto

8. Why Do You Think...
Carlo Siliotto

9. The Motorbike
Carlo Siliotto

10. Never Back
Carlo Siliotto

11. I Do What I Was Told
Carlo Siliotto

12. The Tummy
Carlo Siliotto

13. Angela
Carlo Siliotto

14. The Aquarium
Carlo Siliotto

15. Monet
Carlo Siliotto

16. The Clinic
Carlo Siliotto

17. Sometimes
Carlo Siliotto

18. Abbie
Carlo Siliotto

19. No Pain
Carlo Siliotto

20. Shower
Carlo Siliotto

21. Right Now
Carlo Siliotto

22. The Fall
Carlo Siliotto

23. The Prayer
Carlo Siliotto

24. The Doctor
Carlo Siliotto

25. You Get There...
Carlo Siliotto

26. Please Figure Out
Carlo Siliotto

27. Angels
Carlo Siliotto

28. My Beautiful Daughter
Carlo Siliotto

29. The Church
Carlo Siliotto

30. Dear God
Carlo Siliotto


Mike Lang (piano), George Doering (guitars), Elizabeth Wilson (viola), Stuart Clark (clarinet)

Bobbi Page and Teri Koide Culbreath

Roberto Cani (concertmaster), Caroline Campbell, Darius Campo, Mario De Leon, Joel Derouin, Assa Drori, Nina Evtuhov, Larry Greenfield, Tammy Hatwan, Songa Lee, Varty Manouelian, Serena McKinney, Grace Oh, Joel Pargman, Alyssa Park, Michele Richards, Rafael Rishik, Tereza Stanislav, Sarah Thornblade, Josefina Vergara, John Wittenberg, Ken Yerke

Elizabeth Wilson (principal), Robert Berg, Andrew Duckles, Alma Fernandez, Matt Funes, Lynn Grants, David Walther, Luke Maurer

Kevan Torfeh (principal), Jacob Braun, Eric Byers, Erica Duke Kirkpatrick, Maurice Grants, Armen Ksajikian, Steve Richards, Rudy Stein

Nico Abondolo (principal), Steve Dress

Heather Clark (principal), Steve Kujala

Chris Bleth

Stuart Clark

French Horn
Dylan Hart

Mike Lang

George Doering

Gayle Levant

AFM Seal      

Music Composed, Orchestrated, and Conducted by
Carlo Siliotto

Music Programmer and Assistant
Cianluca Cerchiello

MIDI Programmer and Assistant
Lorenzo Carrano

Soundtrack Album Producer
Carlo Siliotto

Recorded and Mixed at 
The Village, Los Angeles

Recorded and Mixed by
Jorge Velasco

Assistant Scoring Engineer
Jeff Gartenbaum

Music Editor
Drew DeAscentis

Orchestra Manager and Contractor
Suzie Katayama

Executive in Charge of Music for Sony Pictures
Lia Vollack

Mastered by
Pat Sullivan for Bernie Grundman Mastering


For all inquiries, please contact music@spe.sony.com

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