Outlander: Season 2

Original Television Soundtrack


1. Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (French Version)
Bear McCreary (feat. Raya Yarbrough)

2. Leave the Past Behind
Bear McCreary

3. Wrath of the Comte
Bear McCreary

4. Versailles
Bear McCreary

5. Into Paris
Bear McCreary

6. Honey Pot
Bear McCreary

7. The Apothecary
Bear McCreary

8. Baroque Chess Match
Bear McCreary

9. The Duel
Bear McCreary

10. Faith
Bear McCreary

11. Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Jacobite Version)
Bear McCreary

12. Je Suis Prest
Bear McCreary (feat. Griogair Labhruidh)

13. 125 Yards
Bear McCreary

14. Vengeance at Your Feet
Bear McCreary

15. The Uprising Begins
Bear McCreary

16. Prestonpans
Bear McCreary

17. Moch Sa Mhadainn
Bear McCreary (feat. Griogair Labhruidh)

18. White Roses of Scotland
Bear McCreary

19. Tales of Brianna
Bear McCreary

20. Running Out of Time
Bear McCreary

21. Destiny on Culloden Moor
Bear McCreary

22. A Fraser Officer Survived
Bear McCreary


Score Produced by
Bear McCreary & Steve Kaplan

Album Produced by
Joe Augustine & Bear McCreary

Record and Mixed by
Steve Kaplan

Conducted by
Bear McCreary

Scoring Manager
Jessica Rae Huber

Scoring Coordinator
Olivia Blissett, Kaiyun Wong

Scoring Assistants
Jason Akers, Omer Ben-Zvi, Jonathan Chau, Sam Ewing, Andrew Harris, David Matics, Joanna Pane

Assistant to the Composer
Katie Agarth, John Grannan

Music Editor
Michael Baber

Recording Engineer
Laurence Schwarz, Ryan Sanchez, Allan Hessler, Greg Hayes, Nick Turner

Mastered by
Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Main Title Translators
Florie-Anne Virgile, Marie-Pierre Jeancard Coast, Erik Nesse

Baroque Music Consultants
Malachai Komanoff Bandy, Adam Knight Gilbert

Scottish Music Consultant
John Purser

Choir Contractor
James Tadlow

Featured Vocalist
Raya Yarbrough

Featured Gaelic Vocal
Griogair Labhruidh

Gaelic Choir
Alasdair Currie, J. Decker Forrest, Marcel Gurillo, Griogair Labhruidh, Iain MacFarlane, Reece MacKay

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