Proud Mary

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1. Not Part of the Plan
Fil Eisler

2. The Walter Hit
Fil Eisler

3. Teach Somebody Some Manners
Fil Eisler

4. I'm Mary
Fil Eisler

5. An Unsanctioned Kill
Fil Eisler

6. The Family Meeting
Fil Eisler

7. Uncle's Office
Fil Eisler

8. Give Them Walter
Fil Eisler

9. Five Hundred Short
Fil Eisler

10. One Rule
Fil Eisler

11. Don't Go Anywhere
Fil Eisler

12. Danny's Memories
Fil Eisler

13. The Torture Room
Fil Eisler

14. Tom Mourns
Fil Eisler

15. That Money is Your Freedom
Fil Eisler

16. Secret Room
Fil Eisler

17. Attempt on Benny
Fil Eisler

18. Preparing for the Raid
Fil Eisler

19. Danny at the River
Fil Eisler

20. Raid on the Kozlov Compound
Fil Eisler

21. Reunited
Fil Eisler

22. Danny and Mary's Theme (End Title)
Fil Eisler


Score written and produced by
Fil Eisler

Lead Orchestrator
Tim Davies

Jeremy Levy, Jordan Seigal, Sarah Lutz

Music Preparation
Mark Cally

Score Coordination by
Encompass Music Partners

Additional Music
Alexis Grapsas, Sven Faulconer, Steven Richard Davis

Steven Richard Davis, Alexis Grapsas

Score Mixed by
James T. Hill, Scott Michael Smith

Score Editor
Cesar Marenco

Music Editor
Ellen Segal

Score Technical Engineer
Jason H. J. Kim

Album mastered by
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post


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