Original Motion Picture Score


1. The Battle
Roque Baños

2. It's Finished
Roque Baños

3. Roman's Funeral
Roque Baños

4. Empty Tomb
Roque Baños

5. Capturing Mary Magdalene
Roque Baños

6. He is Everywhere
Roque Baños

7. Tell Me the Truth
Roque Baños

8. Finding the Apostles
Roque Baños

9. He is Alive
Roque Baños

10. Escaping from the Romans
Roque Baños

11. The Sea of Galilee
Roque Baños

12. Let's Fish
Roque Baños

13. Healing the Leper
Roque Baños

14. The Ascension
Roque Baños

15. Farewell
Roque Baños

16. I'll Never Be the Same
Roque Baños



Stephanie Gonley

Elizabeth Deacon

Additional Voice
Majid Javadi

Santour, Cretan Lyra, Sarod & Lauto
Dimitri Psonis

Turkish Clarinet, Ney & Mey
Javier Paxarino

Oud & Percussion
El Wafir Shaikeldin Gibril

Bugle & Additional Drums
Agrupación musical Santisimo Christo de Gracia of Córdoba

Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by
Roque Baños

Orchestration Assistant and Music Copyist
Ginés Carrión

Production Music Coordinator,  Assistant Composer & Music Preparation
Tessy Diez Martin

Soundtrack Album Producer
Roque Baños

Recorded and Mixed at
Abbey Road Studios

Sound Engineer
Jonathan Allen

ProTools Recordist
Lewis Jones

Assistant Scoring Engineer
Matt Jones

Music Score Mixer
Stephen Lipson

Music Editor
Maarten Hofmeijer

Orchestra Contractor
Colin Sheen

Choir Contractor
Simon Beston

Abbey Road Studio Manager
Colette Barber

Executive in Charge of Music for Sony Pictures
Lia Vollack

Mastered by
Pat Sullivan for Bernie Grundman Mastering


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