Who is Clark Rockefeller?

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1. Clark Enters
Jeff Toyne

2.  Kidnap
Jeff Toyne

3. Amber Alert
Jeff Toyne

4. First Kiss
Jeff Toyne

5. Do You Know Who He Is?
Jeff Toyne

6. Fingerprints Match
Jeff Toyne

7. Segway Wedding 
Jeff Toyne

8. Bounced Cheque
Jeff Toyne

9. Owl and the Pussycat
Jeff Toyne

10. AKA Clark Rockefeller
Jeff Toyne

11. Nice Boat
Jeff Toyne

12. Briefcase
Jeff Toyne

13. Tedious About Money
Jeff Toyne

14. Building a Moat
Jeff Toyne

15.  They Just Disappeared
Jeff Toyne

16.  I'll Get Custody
Jeff Toyne

17.  SWAT
Jeff Toyne

18.  Arrest
Jeff Toyne

19.  Prison Interview
Jeff Toyne


Music Programming by
Alex Davis, Felix Erskine, Oleksa Lozowchuk, Joseph Trapanese

Music Arranging by
Aiko Fukushima

Sample Programming by
Bryan Carrigan

Guitars Performed by
David Corman

Clarinet Performed by
George Shaw

Music Editing by
Brad Segal, Will Holliday

Scored Mixed by
Josh Minyard

Composer Assisted by
Quynne Alana Paxa

Album Produced by
Jeff Toyne

Album Sequenced by
Wani Han

Album Mastered by
Jeff Toyne


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