5000 Blankets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

5000 Blankets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


1. A Perfect Family

2. Schizophrenia

3. First Calling

4. He Said He Would Be Here

5. Rooftop

6. Cyndi and Phillip

7. Church Anxiety

8. Starting Over

9. Sometimes You Just Want to Punch the World

10. Morgue

11. Into the Void

12. First Blanket

13. The Calling

14. 5000 Blankets

15. Spaghetti Dinner

16. An Unexpected Turn

17. Bobby Awakens

18. The Coming Cold

19. Fire

20. Down the Spiral

21. We Can't Stop Now

22. Blanket Drive

23. Finding Bobby

24. Phillip's Wish


Music by:
Panu Aaltio

Written and Produced by:
Panu Aaltio

Recording Engineers by:
Gabor Buczko & Aleksi Villberg

Mixed by:
Mikko Raita

Orchestrations at:
Vili Robert Ollila, Rolf Gustavson

Orchestra by:
Budapest Art Orchestra

Conductor by:
Peter Pejtsik

Flute by:
Paivi Vaisanen

Oboe by:
Laura Kemppainen

Clairnet by:
Okko Kivikataja

Guitars by:
Andrew Synowiec

Percussion by:
Pete Korpela

Score Editor:
Joonas Kaartti

Vocals by:
Maiju Ranta & Virpi Eroma

Mastered by:
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

Thank You's:
Amin Matalqa, Matti Aaltio, Ritva Viitala-Aaltio, Olivia Aaltio