Blumhouse's Fantasy Island (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Track List

1.You Are One of My Guests


3.Regret is a Disease

4.Your Fantasy Begins Now

5.No Soldier 

6.The Life You Wanted 

7.Panic Room 

8.Dog Tags 

9.Brax Makes His Move

10.You Deserve It 

11.The Heart of the Island 

12.Fighting Fire 

13.A Devil, a Pig and a Clown

14.Not My Fantasy

15.The Island’s Secret

16.In the Cave 

17.Hate in My Heart 

18.Every Guest Gets a Fantasy

19.What Happens Now



Album Produced by Joe Augustine & Bear McCreary

Score Produced by Bear McCreary

Mixed by Ryan Sanchez

Score Recorded by Tamas Kurina, Milton Gutierrez

Additional Score Engineers: Adam Neilson, Allen Hessler

Additional Recording Engineer: Ryan Walsh

Album Coordinator: Bailey Gordon

Scoring Coordinator: Angelina Park

Additional Music by Sam Ewing

Additional Sequencing by Etienne Monsaingeon, Jason Akers, Omer Ben-Zvi

Tech Assistants: Cooper Fuqua, David Matics, Ian Silver, Michael Engesser

Assistants to the Composer: Marisa Gunzenhauser, Qin Yu

Orchestrators: Benjamin Hoff, Jamie Thierman, Sean Barrett

Music Consultants: Edward Trybek, Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard, Andrew Harris

Music Editor: Michael Baber

Score Performed by Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Score Recorded at Tom-Tom Studio D

Orchestra Contractor: Balint Sapszon for Budapest Scoring

Score Conducted by Peter Illenyi

Mastered by Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

Representation: Kraft-Engel Management

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