Cobra Kai: Season 3 (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series)

Cobra Kai: Season 3 (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series)

Track List:

1  Miyagi Metal

2  Come Back to Us

3  Work Together

4  Addition by Subtraction

5  Chop Shop

6  Return to Okinawa

7  Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dojos

8  Look at Me

9  Live or Die, Man

10 Crane Technique

11 Web MD

12 Secrets of Miyagi-Do

13 Be a Better Person

14 Snake in the Grass

15 The Cobra Effect

16 Snap

17 Can't Run Away From Your Problems

18 Forming a Team

19 Two-Time Champion

20  Dark Hawk

21  I'm a Sensei

22  Nightmare

23  We Deserve the Chance

24  Dream Come True

25  The Good, the Bad, and the Badass

26  Start Over

27  The Right Path

28  Dojo From Hell

29  Carol of the Cobras

30  Must Not Lose to Fear

31  The Call of the Cobra

32  Snake Bitten

33  Duel of the Snakes

34  Ouroboros

35  Challenger

36  Duel of the Snakes (Mega-Edit)

37  Miyagi Metal ('Shred'-along)


Music Composed and Produced by: Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson

Music Editor: Andres Locsey

Guitars: Andrew Synowiec

Drums: Sam KS

Featured electric guitars on “Miyagi Metal”


Additional drums on “Miyagi Metal” and “Carol of the Cobras”

Luke Silas

Percussion: MB Gordy

Bass Flute: Gina Luciani

Mixed by:  Phil McGowan

Orchestrator: Vincent Oppido

Score Coordinators: Joy Ngiaw, Ramiro Rodriguez Zamarripa, Camilo Velez

Mastering by: Dough Schwartz at Mulholand Music

Cover Art by: Takakuni Ikuma

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