Father Stu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Father Stu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


1. Father Stu

2. Wildest Dreams

3. Remember Me

4. Carmen

5. Bill's Truck

6. Come and Get It

7. Father and Son

8. Mary

9. Resisting Arrest

10. You Ain't That Lucky

11. You're Wrapped

12. I'm Doing This

13. The Return

14. Room Mates

15. Bill's Trailer

16. Ordained

17. Big Sky

18. This Ain't the Hill to Die On

19. Leaving

20. My Support

21. Late Bloomers


Music by:
Dickon Hinchliffe

Written and Produced by:
Dickon Hinchliffe

Drums by:
Ralph Salmins

Percusion by:
Saul & Marlon Hinchliffe

Cello by:
Drew Morgan

Additional Recording by:
George Murphy at Eastcote Studios, London

Mixed by:
Peter Cobbin & Kirsty Whalley

Mastered by
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

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