The Invitation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Invitation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


1. It Ends Here

2. Carfax Manor

3. Housekeeping

4. Evie Meets Walt

5. Cellar

6. Ice House

7. Evelyn Alexander

8. Night Terrors

9. Spa Day

10. The Dinner

11. Your New Home

12. Evie's Escape

13. Don't F This Up for Everyone My Dear

14. The Wedding

15. I Hope You Burn - Revenge


Music by:
Dara Taylor

Produced by:
Dara Taylor

Recording Engineer by:
Gabor Buczko & Josh Margolis

Mixed by:
Josh Margolis

Edited by:
Thomas Milano

Additional Music by:
Bryan Winslow, Alvaro Paiva-Bimbo & Matthew Wang

Orchestrations by:
Nick Fevola, Jarryd Elias & Phillip Yao

Music Preparation by:
Steven Juliani Music

Baraka May, Suzanne Waters & Elyse Willis

Budapest Art

Conducted by:
Peter Pejtsik

Mastered by:
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

Special Thanks:
Dara would like to thank Jessica Thompson, Emile Gladstone, Jojo Villanueva, Scott Strauss, Michael Bitar, Tom Milano, Tom Elkins, Josh Sgarlata, Joey Lam, Sarah Kovacs, Mariel Nardi, Jonathan Clark, Jared Tankel, Reema Iqbal, and always, Tomasz Mieczkowski.

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