The Karate Kid: Part III (Original Motion Picture Score)

The Karate Kid: Part III (Original Motion Picture Score)


1. Main Title

2. Terry Silver

3. The Last Tree

4. Terry's Next Move

5. The Hidden Tree

6. Terry Sneaks In

7. Mike States His Case

8. Miyagi Scores Well

9. Getting The Tree

10. Jessica's Slip

11. Daniel Signs Up / Save The Tree

12. Why?

13. Miyagi's Prayer

14. Daniel Submits

15. Miyagi's Shut Out

16. Terry Owns Daniel

17. Jessica's Kiss

18. Daniel's Resolution

19. Miyagi Kicks Butt

20. Kata Training

21.Bonsai Prayer

22. The Final Blow

23. Main Title (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

24. Terry Silver (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

25. The Last Tree (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

26. Terry's Next Move (Alternate Ending)[Bonus Track]

27. The Hidden Tree (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

28. Terry Sneaks In (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

29. Getting The Tree (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

30. Miyagi's Prayer (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

31. Daniel Submits (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

32. Miyagi's Shut Out (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

33. Jessica's Kiss (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

34. Daniel's Resolution (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

35. Kata Training (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

36. Bonsai Prayer (Alternate)[Bonus Track]

37. Harpsichord Of Doom (Bonus Track)

38. Terry's Next Move (Alternate)[Bonus Track]


Music Composed and Conducted by
Bill Conti

Music Scoring Mixer by
Dan Wallin

Music Editor by
Stephen A Hope

Pan Flute Played by
Gheorghe Zamfir

Music Supervisor by
Brooks Arthur

Recorded at
Barbara Streisand Scoring Stage Formerly known as Lorimar Music Scoring) Culver City, CA

Analog-to-Digital Transfers by:
Deluxe Audio Services, Los Angeles, CA

Digital Editing and Track Assembly by:
Neil S. Bulk

Album Mastered by:
Doug Schwartz at Mulholland Music, Chatsworth, CA


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