Out of Darkness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Out of Darkness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


1. In The Beginning

2. A Promised Land

3. Mountains

4. Three Days

5. We'll Go Around

6. Whatever I Need

7. Can You Hear Me?

8. Tracking

9. The Forest

10. Blood Pit

11. White Spear

12. Do Something

13. We've Got Something To Eat Now

14. A Friend For Supper

15. It Cannot Be Hunted

16. Circular Day

17. I Am Wisdom

18. Aurora Borealis

19. The Demon

20. We Have No Choice

21. Choke

22. The Cave

23. Like Us

24. 45,000 Years


Music by
Adam Janota Bzowski

Produced by
Adam Janota Bzowski

Ulna Bone Flute Performed by
Barnaby Brown

Conch and Kudu Horn Performed by
Colin Offord

Australian Recording Session Engineered by
Mark Smith

Additional Mixing on "45,000 Years" by
Mark Owens

Mastered by
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

Thank You's
Oliver Kassman, Andrew Cumming, Ruth Greenberg, Sheriff, Socrates