Tarot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Tarot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Tracklist & Credits:

1. Tarot

2. twelve card spread

3. arcana ascending

4. shadow side

5. to tell the story

6. The High Priestess

7. The Hermit

8. when she got sick

9. the reader found

10. deck defiled

11. cursed reading

12. The Hanged Man

13. The Fool

14. curse removal

15. Six of Swords

16. The Magician

17. window talk

18. when Death comes

19. someone taken

20. I Saw You


Music by
Joseph Bishara

Written and Produced by
Joseph Bishara

Mixed Editors :
Nate Underkuffler and Julie Pearce

Score Recorded by 
Chris Spilfogel and Fernando Morales Franchini

Score Mixed by
Chris Spilfogel 

Orchestra Contractor:
Peter Rotter for Encompass Music Partners

Score Coordinator :
Scarlett Perry

"I Saw You"
Written by Joseph Bishara and Daniel Knox

Performed by Daniel Knox (piano, vocals) with David Coulter (saw)

Produced by Joseph Bishara

Recorded by Greg Norman

Mixed by Chris Spilfogel

Mastered by 
Dave Collins