The Winter King (Original Series Soundtrack)

The Winter King (Original Series Soundtrack)


1. Battlefield Defeat (Arthur's Theme)

2. Merlin's Intervention - Arthur Banished

3. Death-Pits - Rescuing Derfel

4. Riding to Avalon

5. 8 Years Later - Lady Morgan

6. Marriage Ceremony

7. Nimue & The Test to Come

8. Derfel Trains

9. Arthur in Gaul

10. Avalon Ransacked

11. Nimue Attacked

12. Avalon Destroyed

13. The Death of Uther Pendragon

14. Funeral Pyre

15. Derfel Joins Arthur's Men

16. Harvest Feast Blues

17. Intrigue

18. Excalibur Revealed

19. The Death of Owain

20. The Naming Ceremony

21. The Sacrifice

22. I Came to This Lake for a Reason

23. Betrothal to Ceinwyn

24. Arthur's Dilemma

25. Guinevere

26. Christian Versus Pagan Rituals

27. The Saxons Emerge

28. Reconciliation & End Titles


Music by
Rob Lane

Additional Music by
Enrica Sciandrone, Richey Rynkowski, and Will Rice

Edited by
Rob Lane

Produced by
Rob Lane

The Chamber Orchestra Of London

Violin Solos:
Nicola Bates

Cello Solos:
Sarah Davidson

Mastered by:
Will Rice